Street Fighter IV: Anime scenes

Anime scenes in SFIV are not really good, 'cause they look like Alpha Generation (same style although more cleaner). At least they seam better than the in-game 2.5D graphics. I selected the best images... the others are not worth of seeing IMO. Inspite that Capcom stated there will be opening and ending anime scenes for every character, there's a possibility that those scenes aren't actually from SFIV game but from a anime that might be currently in production.

Gen looses against Gouken (Pre-SF1).

This is Gouken. Ryu's master. Apparently Capcom decided to fusion the two existing concepts into one official final concepts (Ryu's master first appearence in manga) + (April Fool's Sheng Long).

Ryu and Gouken. This scenes shows the close relationship between master and aprendice.

A close shot of Ryu when he was a kid.


Here comes a new challenger

Actually two (to be precisely) new fighters will be brought, but not for the original SFIV arcade version. Console exclusives are Dan and Fei Long. The boss was also reveled to be "Seth".

Dan (Street Fighter Alpha)
Fei Long (Super Street Fighter II)

Gouken vs Gen