Street Fighter IV: Anime scenes

Anime scenes in SFIV are not really good, 'cause they look like Alpha Generation (same style although more cleaner). At least they seam better than the in-game 2.5D graphics. I selected the best images... the others are not worth of seeing IMO. Inspite that Capcom stated there will be opening and ending anime scenes for every character, there's a possibility that those scenes aren't actually from SFIV game but from a anime that might be currently in production.

Gen looses against Gouken (Pre-SF1).

This is Gouken. Ryu's master. Apparently Capcom decided to fusion the two existing concepts into one official final concepts (Ryu's master first appearence in manga) + (April Fool's Sheng Long).

Ryu and Gouken. This scenes shows the close relationship between master and aprendice.

A close shot of Ryu when he was a kid.