Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 endings

They aren't part of storyline. Let's prove it throught the several inconsistencies

1. At the end of SFa2 Ken gives a red bandana to Ryu. However Ryu still uses the white one (that he supposedly lost) and Ken still uses that Red bandana (on his ponytail) as well. It seams that this ending never happened.
2. At the begining of SFa3 it's told that Dan defeated Sagat. Not only this is impossible to happen, but also


Ryu in... "Street Fighter II MOVIE"

Year: 1994

Artist: Shukou Murase

Art Design for Ryu (Street Fighter II MOVIE cover)

Street Fighter I - Final Battle - Ryu vs Sagat

"You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance"

"Search everywhere, even if you have to find him into the the dephs of the Hymalaias"

"You Win... Perfect!"

Street Fighter II - Final Battle - Ryu vs Bison



CRMK (previsously known as "Bengus")

- Super Street Fighter

- Street Fighter Zero 1, 2 and 3

- Street Fighter EX

Ryu in... Street Fighter I

Year: 1987
Artist: Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto

Ryu in... Street Fighter II

Year: 1993

Artist: Akira "Nin-Nin" Nishitani and Akira "Akiman" Yasuda

(they are the Final Fight artists)

Ryu in... Street Fighter III

Year: 1999

Artist: Daigo "Daigoro" Ikeno

(Select screen by "Akiman" ... see 2nd from the bottom)

Ryu in... Street Fighter IV

Year: 2008

Artist: Daigo "Daigoro" Ikeno


10 things that didn't make SFa3 the best SF game

SFa3 is one of the best Street Fighter games out there. However there are few things that kept this game away from being the best SF game. So, what failed in Street Fighter Alpha 3?

1. The Story - It just sucks.
2. Rush job - People usually say SFalpha was a rush job, but how can a game with few characters be a rush job? SFa3 had many characters and I don't think they were developed properly... why? see point "3"
3. Capcom decided this would be the last alpha game (so there's no alpha4)
4. Final Fight characters in a Street Fighter game - what a miscellaneous thing! Is this supposed to be a "vs" game after all?
5. Missing characters: They forgot to add Geki, Joe and Retsu... unforgiving!
6. There's no Cammy with SF2 outfit (like they did with Chun-Li; There's no Ryu with brown hair, brown gloves and red headband in memory to SF2 (this would be a great bridge); and finnaly -> there's no ken with less long hair...
7. Why can't we play with the other Bison's dolls?
8. The soundtrack... this was the opportunity to bring the old themes from SF2 stages to a new level. Like they have done with Ryu's theme and ken's they missed the opportunity to bring, for instance, Guile's theme... why? because they wanted a complete new soundtrack with no thematic interference in battle... just "beat". Argh!
9. They could've done Guile and Charlie slight more different, for instance, Charlie's kick performed inversely
10. Evil Ryu should be more powerfull than shin akuma


Street Fighter IV: Anime scenes

Anime scenes in SFIV are not really good, 'cause they look like Alpha Generation (same style although more cleaner). At least they seam better than the in-game 2.5D graphics. I selected the best images... the others are not worth of seeing IMO. Inspite that Capcom stated there will be opening and ending anime scenes for every character, there's a possibility that those scenes aren't actually from SFIV game but from a anime that might be currently in production.

Gen looses against Gouken (Pre-SF1).

This is Gouken. Ryu's master. Apparently Capcom decided to fusion the two existing concepts into one official final concepts (Ryu's master first appearence in manga) + (April Fool's Sheng Long).

Ryu and Gouken. This scenes shows the close relationship between master and aprendice.

A close shot of Ryu when he was a kid.


Here comes a new challenger

Actually two (to be precisely) new fighters will be brought, but not for the original SFIV arcade version. Console exclusives are Dan and Fei Long. The boss was also reveled to be "Seth".

Dan (Street Fighter Alpha)
Fei Long (Super Street Fighter II)

Gouken vs Gen


Top 5 fighters

There's a pool on the official Capcom Blog asking about which character should be avaliable as a collective figure. While Feilong and others aren't in the list this give us a preety good idea on the favourite fighters.

1st Place: Ryu (Street Fighter I)
2nd Place: Ken (Street Fighter I)
3rd Place: Vega (Street Fighter II)
4th Place: Guile (Street Fighter II)
5th Place: Sagat(Street Fighter I)

Bison and Blanka are next. Fei Long, DeeJay and T-Hawk were not contabilized as well as Dan (SFz) and Charlie (SFz). The less loved fighters are Zanguief (SF2), Dhalsim (SF2), Honda (SF2) and Balrog (SF1).


Top 5 girls

There's a pool on the official SF forums about which character should be on Street Fighter IV. Since we already know that Chun-Li is the nr.1 girl of SF it was insteresting to know how people feel about the others. Here's the results:

1st Place: Cammy (Street Fighter II)
2nd Place: Sakura (Street Fighter Zero)
3rd Place: Makoto (Street Fighter III)

4th Place: Rose (Street Fighter Zero) and Elena (Street Fighter III)
5th Place: Ibuki (Street Fighter III)

Well, the less loved SF girls are Mika (SFa), Karin (SFa), Juni (SFa), Juli (SFa) and probably the rest of Shadowlaw's dolls.


SF1 cast

These are the orginial Street Fighters. The first characters of the series. We'll talk about them in this blog.


SFII & SFII Movie - Comparison #1

Street Fighter II Movie (also known as Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie) was anime made in 1994 just after the release of "Super Street Fighter II" and while SSF2T was beeing planed, beeing the main reason why this SF2 anime is so close to SSF2.
1. Opening

 A scraped scene from an earlier version of Street Fighter II MOVIE

2. The drug thematic

3. Ending



6. Capcom's logo