Top 5 fighters

There's a pool on the official Capcom Blog asking about which character should be avaliable as a collective figure. While Feilong and others aren't in the list this give us a preety good idea on the favourite fighters.

1st Place: Ryu (Street Fighter I)
2nd Place: Ken (Street Fighter I)
3rd Place: Vega (Street Fighter II)
4th Place: Guile (Street Fighter II)
5th Place: Sagat(Street Fighter I)

Bison and Blanka are next. Fei Long, DeeJay and T-Hawk were not contabilized as well as Dan (SFz) and Charlie (SFz). The less loved fighters are Zanguief (SF2), Dhalsim (SF2), Honda (SF2) and Balrog (SF1).

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