Shoto clones

The term "shoto clones" or "shotos", for short, came from shotokan, which was the fighting style the US manual described for Ryu and Ken. The first shoto clone to appear was Ken in SF1. SF2 brought Akuma and also gave Sagat's an upercut technique similar to Ryu's dragon punch. EX series brought Alen Snider and Dan, Sakura, Shin Gouki and Evil Ryu. Finaly SF3 brought Sean and IV, apparently Gouken. Now we have 12 similar "Fireball" characters. This is the same number as original SF2 character's quantity. How can this be!!!?

She is not a Shoto but in the beggining she was far away from possessing this fireball. Only because she seam to lack power they add this weak "sakura-kind" fireball

Other fireball fighters

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