10 things that didn't make SFa3 the best SF game

SFa3 is one of the best Street Fighter games out there. However there are few things that kept this game away from being the best SF game. So, what failed in Street Fighter Alpha 3?

1. The Story - It just sucks.
2. Rush job - People usually say SFalpha was a rush job, but how can a game with few characters be a rush job? SFa3 had many characters and I don't think they were developed properly... why? see point "3"
3. Capcom decided this would be the last alpha game (so there's no alpha4)
4. Final Fight characters in a Street Fighter game - what a miscellaneous thing! Is this supposed to be a "vs" game after all?
5. Missing characters: They forgot to add Geki, Joe and Retsu... unforgiving!
6. There's no Cammy with SF2 outfit (like they did with Chun-Li; There's no Ryu with brown hair, brown gloves and red headband in memory to SF2 (this would be a great bridge); and finnaly -> there's no ken with less long hair...
7. Why can't we play with the other Bison's dolls?
8. The soundtrack... this was the opportunity to bring the old themes from SF2 stages to a new level. Like they have done with Ryu's theme and ken's they missed the opportunity to bring, for instance, Guile's theme... why? because they wanted a complete new soundtrack with no thematic interference in battle... just "beat". Argh!
9. They could've done Guile and Charlie slight more different, for instance, Charlie's kick performed inversely
10. Evil Ryu should be more powerfull than shin akuma

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