Street Fighter 1 Remake

Note: I didn't made these sprites.
Characters: Ryu, Ken, Retsu, Geki, Joe, Mike Bison (Balrog in US)*, Eagle, Birdie, Lee, Gen, Adon and Sagat.

* - Capcom revealed in 2010 that they were lying when mentioned that Mike (SF1) and Mike Bison (SF2) were two different characters. They now confess that both boxeurs are "probably one and the same" (source: Capcom Official Blog @ http://www.capcom.co.jp/blog/sf4/nakky_blog/2010/03/26_2099.html)

Birdie is white
Capcom retcon Birdie race in Street Fighter Zero (a SF1 pseudo-remake) saying he was sick in SF1... well, if he was sick in SF1 an SF1 remake has an obligation to draw a sick Birdie as well... hmmm I don't think anyone believes in that bullshit, even if that was true, how can anyone explain Birdie being white after the events of Super Street Fighter II Turbo? Eheh.

Does he looks black to you?

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Ju disse...

he doesn't even look sick to me

Lord Aaronus disse...

There's exactly 4 missing characters so they'd fit into a SF Zero/Alpha 4 perfectly. Throw in Mike Haggar and Belger and there you go.